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Strange New Appalachian Comic

lead 3

I could tell you that Story Time with Uncle Scratch is like nothing you’ve ever seen. It would be true but such an understatement. This new comic series is about young Moses Hatch,…

App-uh-latch-uh Tee

Elaine's husband

Elaine McMillion Sheldon is about to get you out of some awkward situations. She’s the director of the award-winning documentary Hollow, and while screening the film in over fifty locations—Virginia to Vermont…

Pieces of Home

pieces of home 2

I keep a Blue Willow bowl on my coffee table. When people come to my house, they must think it’s full of aging junk. The objects inside—an old lock, a…

3 Tranquil Minutes in Lost River

Lost River

Man alive—this has been one grueling week. We’re buying a house and the inspector delivered bad news; my car needed a bunch of repairs; writing projects were in overdrive; and to top it all…

Breaking Beans

Photo by Mike Licht on Flickr.

Long before they were frozen in cardboard boxes, before they formed tall heaps on grocers’ shelves, even before they were planted in pioneer gardens, green beans grew in Appalachia. According to today’s guest…

Cherokee Bark Baskets


When Mark Green was nine years old, he needed to carry nuts and berries in something. That’s not an issue most of us encounter these days, but in Mark’s family,…

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