• Virginia

    There is a problem I see for people who decided to give Trump a chance because, as he put it “what have you got to lose?'” Well, it turns out, a lot. I think he mined an area full of frustrated people who had lost hope and promised them what he thought they wanted. But, this is a man who has a history of only watching out for himself. He stiffs small businesses and says, knowing they can’t afford to sue,to sue him to get paid. He has personally driven dozens, if not hundreds, of small businesses out of business. He looks on people who are disadvantaged as weak. How will all of this help those folks who turned out to vote for him? I don’t see it. First the rich will get richer and then, it will trickle down to the lost middle class. That has been the line for every Republican president and it never did. Standard republican drivel and a lie.

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