Fast Spirits


“We’re creating a revolution in how you can make mature whiskey,” says Joel Patrino of Blue Ridge Distilling Company, one of the newest distilleries in the nation and perhaps the…

Buy, Borrow, or Steal?


I rarely need a forty foot ladder, but this weekend, my sewer drain sprung a leak. This giant pipe runs clear to the roof where it syphons rainwater, though the plumber could have said it led to a magical rooftop…

Appalachian Appetite Winners

funnel cake

When I launched Appalachian Appetite, I didn’t know what to expect. I just had a rattling question I couldn’t answer—what is Appalachian food today? Ten weeks and one hundred thirteen photos later, I’m…

Irish Music in the Mountains

The Alt

The Irish love to sing. Walking through Dublin, Galway, or Shannon, you’re bound to run into buskers on the street and live music pouring from pubs. If you’re from Appalachia,…

Cherokee Bark Baskets


When Mark Green was nine years old, he needed to carry nuts and berries in something. That’s not an issue most of us encounter these days, but in Mark’s family,…

What a Quilt Can Mean

A section of "Ghost Trees" by Karen Tunnell.

Karen Tunnell didn’t plan to become a quilt artist. As a student at the Atlanta College of Art (now part of Savannah College of Art and Design), she majored in…

Cider Pumpkin Cupcakes


Last week’s cider-themed post was such a hit, I had to keep the apple-ish fun coming. While researching regional ciders, I stumbled across a dish that knocked my socks off….

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