Roanoke’s “Salvage Dawgs” Coming to HGTV

Black Dog Salvage
When was the last time a fishing trip landed you a TV show?

If you’re Roanoke businessman Mike Whiteside, it wasn’t too far back. While casting lines with friends and friends of friends, he learned that the guy holding the pole beside him was a producer for the hit reality show John & Kate Plus Eight.

Between baiting hooks, the two got to talking about Mike’s work. He reclaims architectural treasures–mantels, doors, floors, shutters, you name it–from old buildings that are about to be torn down. He sales his finds, along with business partner Robert Kulp, in the Roanoke shop Black Dog Salvage.

Now, skip ahead a few months. DIY Network has turned its cameras on this history-loving duo and their ragtag crew. They’ve shot hundreds of hours of footage and cut it into a new series aptly called Salvage Dawgs.

"Hermann the German," a 12 foot tall Chinese statue, is one of the shop's quirkier finds.

A 12′ tall statue is among the shop’s quirkier finds.

The show premiered in November and was an immediate hit. When I asked Christa Stephens, Blackdog’s marketing manager about its impact, she laughed and said, “We’ve got a parking problem.” Salvage Dawgs has sparked a swarm of new customers. “Folks are finding us who didn’t know we were even here,” she added.

When they arrive, people discover more than architectural treasures. Beyond the expected doors and shutters, Blackdog Salvage boasts a 14,000 square foot “marketplace.” Stall after stall is filled with home and garden furnishings, both old and new; stained glass; gifts; and crafts from artisans across the region.

Salvage Dawgs hasn’t just captured shoppers’ attention. It has also turned heads at Knoxville-based Scripps Networks Interactive. After the show’s initial success on DIY, its first four episodes are about to air on sister channel HGTV, which reaches about twice as many households.

You can catch the HGTV airings on January 3 and 10, 2013. They are currently slated to run at 8 and 8:30 ET both nights, but be sure to check your local listings.

If you have DYI, you can watch Salvage Dogs even sooner. Two episodes air tonight, and all five original episodes air New Years Day.

What’s better than seeing the show?

Visiting Black Dog Salvage in person, of course. The warehouse-sized store is open Monday through Saturday, 9 AM – 5 PM. Think you’ll make it out? If you’ve ever been, what are some of your favorite finds?

Tell us what you think of the shop and the show. Post a comment below.


  • Paulette

    Love the show and watched every eposide so far. In fact I now have it on my bucket list to visit their place of business. Born and raised in Norfolk and when they said that one had been an officer and the other enlisted I knew that Robert had been the officer. Love their humor and patter between them, love that things are being either sold as is or made into a usable item. I keep hoping there will be some new shows.

  • Terri

    When will the show be back on? Miss watching it, even if they are rerun’s.

  • Toni A. Torboli

    Salvage Dawgs is a must see for me even the reruns….I told my friends & family about the show as soon as I saw it. My 2 great friends of 45 yrs + and me learned fast how to refinish vintage furniture since that was all we could back in the 60’s, so we love what is done to keep history alive w/what is done on the show. It is a breath of fresh air even with Robert saying “I” all the time instead of “We.” Hay, even family members working together w/o hating it.
    Keep up the good work it’s a joy to watch. Toni A. Torboli

  • Nancy Berkheimer

    I originally discovered Salvage Dawgs last year and have been hooked ever since. Last week on our way to Tennessee to visit our son we took the Roanoke exit off of Route 81 and 15-20 minutes later we were pulling into Black Dogs parking lot. We quickly toured the warehouse and salvage yard which took us about 1 1/2 hours. We will definitely visit again when we are able to spend more time. The icing on the cake was meeting Mike who was gracious enough to have his picture taken with my husband and me!

  • Sandy mckee

    Im not sure why I’m getting diy but you are on and on my gosh I love your show im in love with antiques and I love the creative ideas you have when you see what’s inside old buildings and houses no thought is too much or out of reach. I’m 62 I would have loved to have worked at a shop like yours. I see old pieces on the side of the road and think what could be done with it but to see everything you do in old buildings
    Wow. Great show. I live in Glendale calif

  • mary mcleod

    Is there a back log of getting you to look at a house that needs to come down.
    In Spotsylvania County.

  • Kate Baker Tilton

    I love this show…heard a rumor it was canceled, and I’m really hoping that is not true.


    I love this show it is so entertaining and the people on it seeem so geniune.

  • Janet Horton

    I have an old 10 ft. ceiling 9 room,1-1/2bath house you may be interested in. It has 4 fireplaces with original solid oak Mantels w/carved working,1-fire place is a coal burner w/Brass opening Cover ,10 single pane windows w-40 x L-84 window seal 12 in. from floor-top 1-ft. from ceiling, 10-solid oak doors-
    1-set of french doors, 1-9 pane glass door, 2- half glass w/wood doors,2- cut glass
    small closet windows,all moulding around windows and doors are 5 in. groove cut, crown moulding 3in.or 4in. and baseboard 6in.or 7in. depending on material not all mouldings match( if they ran out of one kind they just used another)1- claw foot bath tub,1-wall mount sink,1 – 2-piece toilet,2- 6 glass pane upper cabnits. All tongue and grove HARD WOOD FLOORS,Wood ceilings. Outside wood lap board,old BRICK foundation, 3-old brick Chimneys .My house has Plaster Walls,1in. Slats and diaginal Studs.(that should tell you how OLD THIS HOUSE IS) I also have a small barn.
    If interested call (843)335-8843 home 0r (843)861-1169 cell
    I WANT TO SALE .Either all AS IS or by the PIECE. I want to make MONEY and I know you want to buy CHEAP( I ‘m looking for a place at the BEACH). PLEASE HELP ME RETIRE TO MY DREAM.( if anyone deserves THIS I DO)
    Thank You,
    Janet Horton
    McBee, S.C. 29101

  • Susan Anita kirk

    I live in rothwell England just started watching salvage dawgs and I,am totally hooked. Love the show, its idea’s and the wit between the boys. Thank you keep on going. Best wishes anita

  • Patsy Paling

    I have tried to find out if Salvage Dogs is returning to DIY? Can’t find an answer any where on you site. I sure hope not. One of the best shows on your channel, along with Barn Yard Builders and Garage Gold. Which I have noticed has been taken off. Sad that you run repeats on most shows and cancel the good ones.

  • Anonymous

    Love Salvage dawgs. When are they coming back DIY or HGTV???? Nothing can replace the show.

  • Barbara Chapman

    Love the show, I love making things out of other people’s junk. It’s on my bucket list to
    visit the store hopefully this summer. Our neighbors barn fell down and it’s driving me nuts to see all the beams and boards rot, so much potential ….

  • Mary Laney

    I love the Dawgs and when it started back in April of 2017 I was so glad.
    now I cannot find it anywhere. What happened? Miss you guys

  • p sherbpndy

    would like to see more salvage dawgs enjoy the show so much history ans entertainment would like to see it come back.

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