Roanoke’s “Salvage Dawgs” Coming to HGTV

Black Dog Salvage
When was the last time a fishing trip landed you a TV show?

If you’re Roanoke businessman Mike Whiteside, it wasn’t too far back. While casting lines with friends and friends of friends, he learned that the guy holding the pole beside him was a producer for the hit reality show John & Kate Plus Eight.

Between baiting hooks, the two got to talking about Mike’s work. He reclaims architectural treasures–mantels, doors, floors, shutters, you name it–from old buildings that are about to be torn down. He sales his finds, along with business partner Robert Kulp, in the Roanoke shop Black Dog Salvage.

Now, skip ahead a few months. DIY Network has turned its cameras on this history-loving duo and their ragtag crew. They’ve shot hundreds of hours of footage and cut it into a new series aptly called Salvage Dawgs.

"Hermann the German," a 12 foot tall Chinese statue, is one of the shop's quirkier finds.

A 12′ tall statue is among the shop’s quirkier finds.

The show premiered in November and was an immediate hit. When I asked Christa Stephens, Blackdog’s marketing manager about its impact, she laughed and said, “We’ve got a parking problem.” Salvage Dawgs has sparked a swarm of new customers. “Folks are finding us who didn’t know we were even here,” she added.

When they arrive, people discover more than architectural treasures. Beyond the expected doors and shutters, Blackdog Salvage boasts a 14,000 square foot “marketplace.” Stall after stall is filled with home and garden furnishings, both old and new; stained glass; gifts; and crafts from artisans across the region.

Salvage Dawgs hasn’t just captured shoppers’ attention. It has also turned heads at Knoxville-based Scripps Networks Interactive. After the show’s initial success on DIY, its first four episodes are about to air on sister channel HGTV, which reaches about twice as many households.

You can catch the HGTV airings on January 3 and 10, 2013. They are currently slated to run at 8 and 8:30 ET both nights, but be sure to check your local listings.

If you have DYI, you can watch Salvage Dogs even sooner. Two episodes air tonight, and all five original episodes air New Years Day.

What’s better than seeing the show?

Visiting Black Dog Salvage in person, of course. The warehouse-sized store is open Monday through Saturday, 9 AM – 5 PM. Think you’ll make it out? If you’ve ever been, what are some of your favorite finds?

Tell us what you think of the shop and the show. Post a comment below.


  • Sandra ferguson

    I am fortunate to reside in Roanoke where this unique and wonderful store is. take time to stop by and plan to spend some time. There are lots of interesting items to see.

  • Black Dog Salvage

    Thanks so much for the mention Mark! We look forward to seeing you the next time you’re in the ‘Noke! Happy New Year, Christa

  • Susan Austin

    Wish I lived closer! Love the items on EBAY but don’t have that kind of money! Hoping they will sell some more reasonably (Middle class) priced items soon!

  • Kemp Renninger

    Replying to Susan Austin…
    There are MANY reasonably priced items at THE DOG and the marketplace!
    I was visiting from Pennnsylvania and did lots of Christmas shopping there!
    Very eclectic!

  • Dr. Michael Ridenhour

    I’ve known about Black Dog Salvage since fhey opened. They have the neatest stuff and also have hilarious atitude with customers. Its a really fun and fascinating place to go and just look around. They will even accomodate your inability to rewire lamps by doing it for you. And they know every artisan and handyman around Southwest Virginia.
    I recommend it.
    Just saw the show and it is fantastic. Salvage Dawgs and American Restorers are my favorite TV shows.

  • BR

    Absolutely love this show and what they do. Think I might have a new favorite!

  • JG

    Love, love, love this show!!! It’s nice to see something besides House Hunters on HGTV every night. They need something new, hopefuly this will become a weekly show.

  • TP

    Saw your show for the first time last night and really enjoyed it! What a great business concept.

  • gb

    Well I’m a HH International addict but I’m loving this show & Rehab Addict. AND I’m sure my spouse is glad to have something else to watch too 🙂

  • Lindy

    We have an old bath tub and we only have two of the feet. I was wondering if you have extra feet that you might sell.

    Thank you,

  • Mike in Ga

    Hey love your show guys ! Mike just cracks me up ! Just found out the show was on. Too bad u r not here as I would have to do some shopping. Mike u sure u ain’t from Ga ? You sure sound like me n my kinfolks. lol. Wonder if we r kin ? Lol. Look forward to new shows ….

  • sara

    Enjoy watching Salvage Dawgs. Would like to know more about the dog

  • Mark Lynn Ferguson

    Hi Sara – Good question! According the Black Dog site, Molly was the original black dog and the namesake for the store. She lived a full life of 13.5 years, and according to the site, “she had plenty of time to train our newest salvager, Sally the Salvage Dog.” I’ve seen Sally while shopping there. She’s super friendly and usually sprawled near the counter.

  • Beth in Arkansas

    I am staying up late on Saturday nights to watch the new season. What a fun bunch of folks! Am really enjoying the series and wondering what Mike’s obsession with making tables is about. Very creative stuff.

  • Bette in Texas

    The whole family loves this show. Really nice to see that someone cares about saving our past. Even nicer, they are having fun doing it! You brighten my day!! Thank you.

  • Penny

    Love your TV SHOW. Asked my husband to take me to your store in
    Roanoke. We live in the Phoenix, Az. I will get to your store. 🙂

  • Kaye Hedrick

    Love the show, absolutely love it. Born and raised in Lynchbyrg . Have a brother that lives in Roanoke. We are in Raleigh, NC. Are planning a road trip to come and visit your store. Enjoy both Robert and Mike. Mike’s personality ESP. Reminds us of my husband’s brother. The shows I love the best are when things are gotten from the huge old houses and the hotels. What fun you all must have! Any chance of meeting you all when we come to your store? Thanks for going in and preserving all the things you do. We are too much a disposable society!

  • Ernie Brazda

    I’m contacting you not for myself but for a friend of mine. Billy Izard is his name, I’ve asked hem about his relitives and that’s where he hails from. So I believe that the Izard house is his late family’s house. He is a very close friend and if I could get some thing that has Izard on it or pictures that would be awesome. I’m not asking for free, but I’m sure we could work out a price. Thank You

  • Mark Lynn Ferguson

    Hi, Ernie. Thanks for asking. Are your Izards from Roanoke? I don’t think I ever encountered that name around there.

  • Linda Hendrix

    I love this show! I am a big fan of history and the work they do. Watching the crew work, joke with other and just the fun they have. The craftsmanship in really exciting! This is a keeper! Don’t stop looking for history to save!

  • HTCM/MDV Roger Seeley USN (ret.)

    Navy guys salvaging old broke stuff————–what a concept!! Never heard of such a thing.

  • Grisell Esteban

    Love your show..wish I was close the husband is an architect and we really appreciate the work u guys do..preserving history and craftsmanship that otherwise would end up in the closest “trash mountain”.
    Have you thought of doing follow up shows w some of the pieces u salvage and resale? Like the beautiful marble fireplace in one of the episodes? Was it repurposed? Where? Just wondering

    I hope the show continues…really enjoy it.

  • Jeba Akter

    Hi, Every one!!! This is a very nice blog i got lots help from this blog, I got the best Marketplace to buy and sell architectural salvage and reclaimed building materials. Supplier of reclaimed lumber, antique doors, vintage lighting and much more.

  • Barbara

    My husband is happy we live 6.5 hours away.
    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! THE SHOW! REALITY TV but for the over 30 crowd. Mike and Robert save great stuff!

  • Carol & Trevor

    Really a nice bunch of guys & gals!! They really pick up some cool stuff. We are from Charlotte and will be looking forward to a trip real soon. Its wonderful how old items are refurbished.
    Keep this show on the air!!!!

  • Tami Massman

    I love your show!!!!! I can’t get enough!!! I actually have to go to a friends house to watch because I don’t get DIY , so I am really looking forward to seeing you on HGTV. I lalso love seeing all the old places you go into to salvage. Sometimes it makes me sad when I think of all those places going to waste. But its great to see people like you taking some of that and making it new!!!

  • Millie Turner

    When are the new shows going to air? All I’ve seen on DYI are re-runs. I really don’t want to miss them. Thanks tons.

  • Tom & Sharon

    We love your show and hope a new season will start soon. We have watched the re-runs several times. We hope to come visit the store sometime.

  • patty hulford

    ok , so i loved the shows on hgtv (which should really be called Real estate TV,now that all it shows is people looking at houses…ZZZZZZZZZZ…..) and i haven’t seen hide nor hair of the Black Dog since.
    WTF i need more !!!!
    Not fair to wait so long between the teaser and the nightly show at 9:00 that i need!!!
    I need more content on HGTV
    I need more Black Dog
    I need more creativity, more ideas, more of anything other than looking at badly appointed houses unless its going to be 3-D makeover!!!
    please! I’m dying here!

  • SAndy utley

    Love salvage dawgs so much, all the way from Texas, visiting shop & hopefully the characters on Oct 21.

  • Anonymous

    I am trying to do the same thing with salvaged stuff can you give me any idyas my speling sucks this showe is grate keep going

  • Mindy holz

    Can we buy from you but on line?
    You guys rock! I have an old house in oshkosh wisconsin.
    I would love to see some of your finds here at our home!
    Thanks in advance

  • Dawn Hodges

    I love your show. I am so happy that I don’t have to listen to the F word and many other profanities. You’re relationship is great to see. Everyone on your crew/family seem to be respectful not only of each other but also
    the wonderful history you are saving. I hope younger audiences are watching and learning about our wonderful heritage. Maybe they won’t be so quick to throw away “old” things in the future. Keep up the good work.
    Maybe other networks will catch on that we in America is interested in
    watching good wholesome, productive shows…………Dawn in Texas

  • David Ferrero

    I have a 120 year old house with antique wood throughout. 9′ pocket doors and casing, stainglass window, all windows/doors with moldings, staircase and railings with pillars. All are fine wood, Front door with lead designs in glass. Can email pics if you wish. House has been sold and is set for demolition.

  • Connie Wensel

    I just discovered the show this past week and I absolutely love it. The finds and the furniture Mike makes along with his daughter and Courtney are just amazing pieces. I love Mike sense of humor and work ethic that he is obviously teaching his son. I really hope they continue to film their finds for all of us eclectic watchers. I live in Virginia and the next weekend trip is going to be to Roanoke.

  • Mary Duckering

    Love the show. Its great to watch something that shows creativity and is also entertaining. Mike and Robert make me laugh. I look forward to more episodes.
    When will we see season 3?

  • gayle

    Please, please, please make some more episodes. I love this show. The humor is wonderful and I am so glad to see treasures being saved and repurposed.

  • Darla Landtbom

    Just discovered Black Dawns. My husband and I love the show. The two are hilarious.

  • Linda Giles

    Dearly love the show and the personalities of all of the salvagers. This show is a national treasure since it is saving our nation’s treasures. Surely hope to see many more episodes and years of this great program. And how nice to see people having such fun while working !

  • Lorraine Hammons

    Would like to see a 2015 Salvage Dawgs being made. Love the show. It is so refreshing to see all the cast get along so well together. It’s a feel good show.

  • Elaine Eppolite

    I love Salvage Dogs. Finally got to see the store and Robert in person in the summer. Hope I’ll get there again. When is the new season starting? I sent an e-mail weeks ago asking and never got an answer. Salvage Dogs needs to be on HGTV also so more people can enjoy them.

  • Norman Nash

    I am hoping to see another season of Salvage Dawgs. Would be nice to know if the series has been renewed or not. It would be a shame if the Laurel and Hardy of the salvage worlds career died an early death. Simply love the interaction between all the members of the cast. Keep up the good work.

  • MJ

    I am looking forward to new episodes of Salvage Dawgs. I enjoy the show I find it educational, fun but most of all to tell the truth. I have a hugh crush on TED. I think he is hot, I love his laugh and when he smiles. I read a little bio on him and found him interesting.

  • BJ Rolando

    Love the show. Everyone is very engaging and their working to save architectural pieces is amazing. My DAD was an antique dealer as well as an Interior Designer and he preserved and used many things for his business. He would have enjoyed this as much as I do. Thank you for a very smart and educational show.

  • Sara Dunne

    I am a fan of your show and also of “West End Salvage” from Iowa. Have you heard of any comparisons of the two shows? Do you watch their show? Both shows are interesting and often hilariously funny. They are some of the best entertainment on television.

  • Genevieve

    My husband and I watch this show together. It is a good family show, one even the kids can watch. Not many are left. I really enjoy watching them recreate item’s they find. Their finds are very interesting and bring back a lot of memories. Keep up the good work. We LOVE your show!

  • terri

    Awesome show! Love the chemistry, and love that other people are trying to save so much of the past. Good Quality craftmanship that would all be lost forever if it wasn’t for people like you’. Patiently waiting for the next season. Good quality show without seeing smashing windows and the like as on other shows. Stay grounded and we will keep watching!!

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