One Song: Under the Weeping Willow Tree

Photo by Jacob T. Meltzer on Flickr.

With her lovely rendition of “Under the Weeping Willow Tree,” Emmylou Harris pays tribute to “the big bang of country music.” Back in 1927, a producer from New Jersey visited the mountain town of Bristol, which straddles the Tennessee and Virginia border, and recorded some of the region’s finest musicians. The Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, the Stoneman Family—they all got their start during these remarkable sessions.

“These recordings in Bristol in 1927,” Johnny Cash later said, “are the single most important event in the history of country music.”

A new album celebrates this turning point. On Orthophonic Joy: The 1927 Bristol Sessions Revisited (iTunes/Amazon), some of the industries biggest names, from Dolly Parton to Vince Gill, perform tunes that are now part of country music history.



  • Eunice Vincent

    Love this Emmylou Harris performance of the song, Under the Willow Tree! It’s almost as if it were Sarah and Maybelle singing it again!

  • David

    I seen her in concert in Bristol,Va.. She sounds just like she does on her records. there is just no one like Emmy Lou……………..When she finished I was close to the stage she came down and was close enough to have have reached out and touched her…………….

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