One Song: North Idaho Zombie Rag

Hillfolk Noir

No, this blog isn’t about Idaho, but neither is the band behind today’s tune—Hillfolk Noir.

While the trio hails from Boise, they mash up a dizzying array of musical styles. “Hillfolk Noir’s peculiar take on traditional acoustic mountain music is filtered through a half-century of folk, country and rock ‘n’ roll,” their website boasts, “and fed by an affinity for medicine show culture and Depression-era string-band blues.”

All that, plus, they sing about zombies.

Hope this twangy tune kicks off your Halloweek right!



  • Skippy

    Really Cool! They play awesome! I’ve just started watchin’ this blog recently, btw, I would looove to travel Appalachia pickin’ my guitar for people! I do the Carter scratch just like ol’ Mama Maybelle did it. I think the people there would love it!
    Someday soon I might do just that!

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