One Song: Ain’t Nobody

Dori Freeman copy

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—pound for pound, Galax, Virginia is home to more musical talent than just about any place on Earth. This video goes to prove it. Galax native Dori Freeman foregoes her guitar and all other musical instruments in this ultra-minimal tune yet still manages to stir the soul.

The studio version of “Ain’t Nobody,” which is almost as barebones as this clip, is available on Dori’s forthcoming album, simply entitled Dori Freeman. It can be pre-ordered on iTunes and Amazon.


  • Anonymous

    You are the driver you are the vocalist you are the entire band you are fantastic

  • Pickle

    Dori I really like your music can’t wait to get my hands on your record keep it up

  • Bill Smith

    Noticed there is a cricket playing a fine backup to her singing and rhythm. It is easiest heard right at the end of the song when the cricket has a brief solo.

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