Loretta Lynn’s Christmas Home Movies


As if she hasn’t given us enough over the years, Loretta Lynn is inviting us into her home at Christmas. In this wonderful new video, she shares home movie footage from her family’s holiday celebrations, and it’s all set to the tune of her classic tune “Country Christmas.”

Judging by clothes; decor; and some big, big hair, these clips date as far back as the 1980s. They’re married with new footage, which, according to Rolling Stone, was shot “at the rustic Cash Cabin recording studio north of Nashville” where John Carter Cash, who produced Loretta’s latest album accompanied her on guitar.


  • uncle

    Cute Loretta Lynn story. Your great uncle Wayne is a huge LL fan. Several years ago she was in town for the Loretta Lynn rodeo. The promoter sent her a bunch of flowers ordered through Jobe Florists. Wayne’s family still ran the business then and he got to make the delivery. He said he was so nervous that his knees were shaking, but she was very gracious and they ended up talking for a few minutes. That autograph was priceless to him.

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