Help Save Roanoke Fire Station

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Everyone in Roanoke knows Fire Station No. 7. Near the edge of Grandin Village, right by the historic Memorial Bridge, it has been a symbol of public service and community for nearly 100 years.

Unfortunately, city leaders are ready to take a wrecking ball to it. After a cursory review, they plan to demolish this historic landmark and replace it. Alternates weren’t seriously considered, even though area preservationists and at least one engineer offered other ideas—like adding to the existing building or placing a new station elsewhere.

City Council ignored calls to explore these options, even when they came from The Roanoke Valley Preservation Foundation and one of their own, Councilman John Garland. Now it’s your turn.


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  • Lisa Ramaci

    Why would you want to demolish this small yet vital part of Roanoke history? Where is the one person on your council with vision and the ability to think outside the box, who can look at this lovely architectural gem and see something other than a construction site? Once gone it is lost forever. I live in New York City, and every day I see more of our past destroyed in favor of the new, the shiny, the upscale. And every demolition is another tear in the quilt of what this city was, Someday the quilt will be irretrievably shattered, and New York will be just another bland pile of concrete and glass, with the things that made it interesting and worth living in nothing but memory. Don’t be stupid, like those in power here – save your history. Seriously, it’s not that big a footprint, and someday your grandkids will thank you.

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