Get Help for Popmusicitus

Young fiddler Carson Peters performs at Blue Ridge Music Center. Photo by Erynn Marshall.

Does Taylor Swift blare from your child’s bedroom at all hours? Is Usher on constant shuffle in your house? Is watching The Voice the closest you get to family bonding? If…

One Song: Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 8.47.45 AM

Old time performers Anna & Elizabeth are it again. Since capturing hearts with their handmade crankies—magical scrolling displays that tell a story while they sing— this melodic duo has put together a new album….

One Song: Mama

Caitlin Marie Bell

North Georgia native Caitlin Marie Bell brings us a new tune with her signature haunting vocals along with some beautiful guitar work. Starts off slow and builds to be a real toe tapper….

One Night In Galax

DSC_0124 2

If you’re an old time music fan, you know Galax, Virginia. It’s no bigger than my thumb—just a few thousand residents—but home to more musical talent than five Nashville’s rolled…

Irish Music in the Mountains

The Alt

The Irish love to sing. Walking through Dublin, Galway, or Shannon, you’re bound to run into buskers on the street and live music pouring from pubs. If you’re from Appalachia,…

Meet Old Buck

Old Buck

With a band name that sounds like it could be somebody’s kindly uncle, Old Buck eased its way onto the Appalachian music scene last August, and it felt like it…

Stanley Brothers: Songs of Home

Carter and Ralph Stanley. Image provided by Morris Public Relations.

Raise your hand if you’re a Stanley Brothers fan. Mine is waving in the air right now. Their signature sound—sorrowful yet sweet—has enchanted generations, and part of its appeal ties to…

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