Appalachian Appetite Winners

funnel cake

When I launched Appalachian Appetite, I didn’t know what to expect. I just had a rattling question I couldn’t answer—what is Appalachian food today? Ten weeks and one hundred thirteen photos later, I’m…

Is Appalachian Food Becoming Hip?


The good folks at West Virginia Public Radio recently invited me to discuss the revival of Appalachian culture, the growing interest in our food traditions, and The Revivalist’s food photo contest….

Breaking Beans

Photo by Mike Licht on Flickr.

Long before they were frozen in cardboard boxes, before they formed tall heaps on grocers’ shelves, even before they were planted in pioneer gardens, green beans grew in Appalachia. According to today’s guest…

Remembering Trula Bailey


From the Athens, Tennessee home where one Trula Bailey experimented with Appalachian cooking to local restaurants like Mario’s Fishbowl—a West Virginia hotspot for competitive eating—Fred Sauceman has uncovered Appalachia’s foodways with an…

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