AppalachianAppetite_PhotoContest_Banner_335x550_finalHaute cuisine doesn’t stand a chance.

Sure, wheatgrass fanciness shows up in all those lifestyle magazines. Trying it might even be fun, but we all know that trendy eats will never have the power of good family recipes.

I’m talking about dishes that connect us to forbearers, people who passed long before we were born; dishes that inspire transplants like me to cross state lines, sometimes even national borders, making our way home for a single meal; dishes that produce scents so powerful just one whiff surfaces memories of reunions, holidays, and childhood.

Because family recipes run so deep, they are at the heart of Appalachian Appetite 2016. This year, the photo contest invites you to share dishes that make you proud to be part of your family. Entering couldn’t be easier:

  1. Photograph a dish that’s been in your family for at least two generations.
  2. Post it below with a caption that says why this dish is special. You can share a favorite memory, tell us about the dish’s history, or include the recipe itself.
  3. To get votes, share your submission on social media. Each Facebook “like” made on this contest page counts as a vote, taking you one step closer to great prizes.*

The grand prize winner heads to North Carolina for a two-night getaway at the historic Mast Farm Inn.

Nestled in the secluded Valley Crucis, the inn boasts an award-winning restaurant, nearby shops, and all the outdoor activities you could ever want.

Two runners-up win one-year subscriptions to one of the region’s best magazines, Smoky Mountain Living, which celebrates life throughout the Southern Appalachians. The magazine will also showcase the three top-voted photos in an upcoming issue.

I can’t wait to see what your family has been cooking up!

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*Likes and other reactions made outside this page will not count as votes.